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TICM Model: Welcome


Shifting the Paradigm

TICM Model: Welcome

Trauma-Informed Community Empowerment

TICM Model: About Us
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Trauma-Informed Community Empowerment (TICE) is a capacity building framework for strengthening community based, trauma-informed systems in low-resource settings. TICE was designed for working with communities impacted by compounded stress, conflict, abuse, or other forms of violence, and where mental health/ healing supports are lacking.

The framework seeks to strengthen the capacity of local community providers/ leaders to:

1. Reduce the impacts of trauma and compounded stress and

2. Increase leadership and empowerment amongst community members

The TICE framework sets a solid foundation for community providers working in social healing, and is focused around 5 Core Components that are most greatly affected by the effects of trauma: Safety, Regulation, Connection, Identity, and Empowerment. TICE equips community providers with a solid understanding of the effects of trauma, and establishes a solid framework for providers to begin to develop their own local responses based on their specific needs, contexts, and capacity. Once providers have a solid foundation in TICE, they start to have a common language to discuss their work and are able to make conscious decisions about strategies that are most appropriate and helpful. With booster trainings, mentoring, and consultations, local providers are able to offer quality support to others in their communities.

TICE has a foundation in child development, evidence-based trauma treatment (“Attachment, Regulation and Competency” ARC), Asset-Based Community Development, body-based mindfulness, and international psychosocial programming (WHO-ISAC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support.)

TICM Model: Who We Are
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