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Angaza Collecttive

Dedicated to increasing resilience and reducing the negative impacts of stress, crisis, and adversity


Education & Outreach

Global Trauma Project convened a network of local organizations to combat Sexual/ Gender Based Violence in Kenya. In Kiswahili, Angaza means to illuminate. We envision and work towards thriving individuals, organizations, and communities.  Therefore, we illuminate the resilience and coping already present, while supporting the integration of trauma-informed thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. 

Angaza conducted a door-to-door outreach campaign to share COVID-19 prevention information, distribute washable masks, and dialogue about mental health issues.   

91% of people in 2 communities in coastal Kenya were so stressed that they felt they needed mental health support, but the majority didn’t know of any place where they could access such services.

Angaza is launching a network of Safe Spaces to ensure that community members have access to a trained Community Wellness Facilitator, a peer network, and a safe location.  To ensure continuity, we are harnessing technology to develop an App to maintain health and safety despite COVID-19 precautions.

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#Angaza Masks

Protect yourself while showing support for the Angaza Collective.

As a small-scale fundraiser, we are selling Kenyan-made cloth masks.    

Interested in purchasing a mask?

Click here:  

Angaza Mask Interest Form

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