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The Impacts of Trauma

Amnesty International reported in Our Hearts Have Gone Dark (2016)

Impact: News

-- Over 50% of surveyed South Sudan residents reported symptoms consistent with PTSD diagnostics

-- Of a surveyed population from Juba, 36% displayed symptoms of PTSD

-- Over 70% of women in South Sudan experience some form of domestic/sexual violence

-- Of the surveyed population from Juba, 50% met symptom criteria for depression

This leads to:

- Diminished Rational Thinking
- Increased Reactivity & Aggression
- Physiological & Emotional Dysregulation
- Increased Fight/ Flight/ Freeze Response
- Fear, Victimization, Helplessness & Vulnerability
- Unhealthy Relationships & Behaviors

Impact: Opening Hours
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After Training & Mentorship in the TICE Program:


Impact: Get Involved

64% Decrease in Post Traumatic Stress symptoms (PTSD) 

(USA Gold Standard= 15%)

26% Decrease in Emotional Dysregulation

(which leads to aggression, violence, numbing & poor motivation)

15% Decrease in Critical Heart Stress

(USA Gold Standard= 3%)

Our impacts not only remain stable, but Continue to INCREASE after 1 year follow-ups

Impacts of South Sudan Trauma Healing Initiative: 
(Juba Participants)

Measures include:


- Heart Math heart rate variability

Self Report Measures

- Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (HTQ)

- Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS)

- Inclusion of Self in Other (IOS)

- Personal Progress Scale (PPS)

Individual Interviews & Structured Focus Groups

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Impact: Welcome

"It is only thanks to God that I was called to come here (community workshop) today.  You don't know, but I have felt so terrible and alone with all of this.  I hate myself and my life.  I feel that I was worthless.  I had actually planned that at tonight at 11:00PM, I would kill myself.  It is only by the grace of God that I was brought here today, and am hearing these things.  Now, I cannot do this tonight.  I need to know more about all that we are learning here."

Quote Title

- Male Police Officer, Juba

Impact: Quote

"This training is important to a state of peace.  If we can get people to come out of their tents, and gain this information, we can be more in the right state of mind.  We can get some vision and hope for the future.  But without this, we may stay like those in the pictures-- victimized, fighting, and violent."

-- Female Community Facilitator, Bor

Impact: Quote

"Before this training, I was so traumatized.  I was living with my 'survival brain' and always becoming aggressive with people.  Fighting with my wife and family.  I didn't know that it was because of everything I have been dealing with.  Even we were going to divorce.  But now I am different.  I've learned how to deal with my emotions, and how to calm myself.  I am talking with my wife, instead of fighting her.  Our family is much happier now and we feel hope."

- Male Community Facilitator, Bor

Impact: Quote

“We were born into conflict, raised in conflict, and live in conflict.  But it does not have to be this way.  Now we have tools to chart a different path.”

- Male Community Facilitator, Aweil

Impact: Quote

“Even when I came for the first training, I was completely shut down. I was traumatized myself, affected by so many years of stress and trauma. But now, after attending these trainings, I can stand my ground. I raise my hand and speak-up. I am not the same person that I was before.”

- Female Community Facilitator, South Sudan

Impact: Quote
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