Training and mentoring over 300 community leaders and government officials throughout South Sudan

  • Implemented by Global Trauma Project

  • Funded by United Nations Development Programme

  • Certified by South Sudan Ministry of Education

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3-week training

The SSTHI starts with 3 weeks of intensive training on:

  • Self-Healing

  • Introduction to Trauma/Compounded Stress

  • Trauma-Informed Community Empowerment (TICE) Framework 

Each training group is guided by a Lead Trainer and an Assistant Trainer.  Adult education principles are incorporated to create a safe atmosphere, build upon the experiences, and keep participants engaged.

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6-week Mentorship

TICE Community Facilitators divide into teams to spread their knowledge within the community.  Each team focuses on 2 audiences, delivering weekly sessions about Trauma/Compounded Stress, and is mentored by GTP staff.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Through a partnership with New School for Social Research, GTP is able to effectively monitor and evaluate impact.  Measures include written assessments, qualitative interviews, and physiological tools.

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