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About Global Trauma Project (GTP)

Global Trauma Project builds capacity for healing, empowerment, and transformation by training, mentoring and certifying community providers to heal and prevent the impacts of intergenerational trauma and toxic stress.

GTP's utilizes the "Trauma-Informed Change-Making" model, to provide capacity-building support to organizations, government and communities, ensuring that change happens on both systemic and local levels.

GTP works in three ways:

1) Building local capacity for trauma-informed, healing-centered programming: GTP equips civil society organizations with knowledge and skills to co-design and deliver culturally-relevant, trauma-informed programs in their communities.

2) Strengthening existing systems and structures to mainstream and integrate trauma-informed care: GTP mainstreams and integrates trauma-informed through advocacy, capacity-building, community partnerships, and cross sectoral integration, to create sustainable and impactful change.

3) GTP hosts the Institute for Trauma-Informed Change-Making, focused on 4 key areas:

- Learn: GTP provides high-quality training and mentorship in trauma-informed change-making, to national practitioners launching healing initiatives in their communities.

- Change: 

GTP offers training and technical assistance to national network partners on integrating the TICM model into existing programs and systems, to prevent cycles of intergenerational trauma.

- Heal: Provide support, mentorship & impact evaluation to community change-makers offering healing-centered initiatives to reduce transmission of intergenerational trauma, within marginalized and under-resourced communities. 

- Connect: Cultivate a global network of trauma-informed, healing-centered change-makers in under-resourced areas, to foster connection, share best practices, and strengthen collective impact. 

About GTP: About Us
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