About Global Trauma Project (GTP)

Global Trauma Project builds capacity for healing, empowerment, and transformation by training, mentoring and certifying community providers to prevent and treat the impacts of complex trauma, compounded stress and childhood adversity.

What is "complex trauma"? Complex trauma includes many kinds of adverse experiences that overwhelm a person's capacity to cope. Some examples include: sexual/ gender-based violence, abuse and child neglect, war/ community violence, historical slavery/ genocide, recruitment into extremism or sexual exploitation, loss of caregivers, etc. In addition, "compounded stress" is the excessive build-up of stress that can become toxic and create significant negative impacts on a person's well-being or community. Adversity can include additional types of impactful experiences such as living in poverty, systemic racism, bullying, gender inequality, unemployment, etc.

GTP's unique model provides capacity-building support to both organizations and community-based workers, ensuring the change happens on both systemic and local levels.

GTP works in three ways:

1) GTP Innovation Lab for Best Practice

We believe that local experts should be at the forefront of development initiatives. The Innovation Lab supports national coalitions to strengthen and showcase Best Practices in the fields of: Mental Health/ Psycho-Social Support, Education/ Child Development, & Peace-Building/ Conflict Transformation. Partners in the Innovation Lab receive support through assessment, training, mentorship, fundraising, impact evaluation, and visibility.

2) Organization Support: Training & Program Development

GTP also works to support NGOs and UN agencies in reducing the impacts of stress and adversity amongst staff, volunteers and communities. Through organizational & program assessment, program design, staff support, training and consultation, we work to strengthen outcomes of programs working in MHPSS, Education & Pace-Building.

3) Individual & Community Wellness
GTP network partners curently offer high quality wellness services for individuals, families and communities in Kenya, South Sudan & Ethiopia. Please contact us for referrals or more information. 

GTP utilizes a cutting-edge, evidence-based framework- "Trauma-Informed Community Empowerment" (TICE.) The TICE framework underpins policy and practice in the field, supporting local partners to take the lead in their own healing, and strengthening community level resilience. We focus on supporting trusted, local providers such as: community/ religious leaders, child protection staff, teachers, police, coaches & community health workers, to ensure that those working with the most challenging issues are well supported so that they can have the greatest impact possible.

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Who We Are

Our Team

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GTP Board of Advisors

Prakash Goossens Photo.jpg

Prakash Goossens

International Advocacy

Fracarita Intrernational

Fracarita International
Faith Photo.jpg

Faith Odwaro, M.D.

Founder, Director, Surgeon

Mazira Foundation: Every Life Deserves a Good Foundation

Margaret Blaustein Photo 1.jpg

Margaret Blaustein, Ph.D.

Director, Trauma Training and Education Division, Trauma Center

Co-Creator of Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC)

Elizabeth Deng Photo.jpg

Elizabeth Deng, J.D.

South Sudan Regional Policy & Advocacy Coordinator


Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah Photo.jpg

Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah, M.Ed.

Founder & Senior Advisor

Dignitas Project

Alyssa Wright Photo.jpg

Alyssa Wright

Philanthropic Advisor & Forbes Contributor

Wright Consulting


Tesloach Jock Thach, M.A.


Indigenous Knowledge Centre, South Sudan

Nelly Nduta Ndirangu Photo.jpg

Nelly Nduta Ndirangu, M.A.

Executive Director

Kimo Wellness Foundation

Diana Teodorescu photo.jpg

Diana Teodorescu, M.A., L.M.F.T.

St. Mary's University

SomnioQuam, Inc.

Lou Bergholtz Photo.jpg

Lou Bergholz, M.A.

Managing Partner & Founder

Edgework Consulting

Edgework Consulting
Erica Zacharie Photo.jpg

Erica M. Zacharie, J.D., M.P.A.

CEO & Senior Mediator


Kilian Photo.jpg

Kilian Kleinschmidt

Founder & Chairman

Innovation & Planning Agency, Switxboard