Building Capacity for Healing, Empowerment & Transformation

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Global Trauma Project Believes:

  • We all have innate capacity to heal, grow and thrive, even after facing difficult and painful experiences.

  • Experiences of trauma, abuse, violence & compounded stress affect people worldwide, regardless of location, background, or socioeconomic status. These experiences can affect our capacity to learn, self-regulate, problem solve & innovate.

  • Individuals, families, organizations, communities, and systems can heal from trauma and compounded stress, & even become stronger through these experiences.

  • A trauma-informed approach strengthens the foundation for core mandates such as education, child protection, economic empowerment, and peace-building.

  • Local communities must own and lead their own healing efforts, and have the capacity and strengths to do so.

  • Joy, hope, and healing can occur even within the most difficult circumstances.


“We were born into conflict, raised in conflict, and live in conflict.  But it does not have to be this way.  Now we have tools to chart a different path.”

- Male Community Facilitator, Aweil, South Sudan


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