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Building Capacity for Healing, Empowerment & Transformation

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Global Trauma Project is a capacity-building organization located in Kenya that supports local providers in Eastern Africa, to implement trauma-informed initiatives. GTP has developed the "Trauma-Informed Change Making" model, a proven model to promote individual and community wellness.  

Our goal is to support local change-makers in increasing resilience and reducing the impacts of gender-based violence, compounded stress and intergenerational trauma by training, mentoring, and certifying trusted community members to facilitate trauma-informed programming in a manner that is accessible, culturally-relevant, and proven to show significant impact.

GTP works towards integrating a trauma-informed approach into existing structures and systems for greater sustainability and impact. 

Home: Welcome
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Global Trauma Project Believes:

  • We all have innate capacity to heal, grow and thrive, even after facing difficult and painful experiences.

  • Experiences of trauma, abuse, violence & compounded stress affect people worldwide, regardless of location, background, or socioeconomic status. These experiences can affect our capacity to learn, self-regulate, problem solve & innovate.

  • Individuals, families, organizations, communities, and systems can heal from trauma and compounded stress, & even become stronger through these experiences.

  • A trauma-informed approach strengthens the foundation for core mandates such as education, child protection, economic empowerment, and peace-building.

  • Local communities must own and lead their own healing efforts, and have the capacity and strengths to do so.

  • Joy, hope, and healing can occur even within the most difficult circumstances.

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“We were born into conflict, raised in conflict, and live in conflict.  But it does not have to be this way.  Now we have tools to chart a different path.”

- Male Community Facilitator, Aweil, South Sudan

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